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This is just a fun site for the quizzical mind. You may find a trivia contest or maybe a scavenger hunt to riches and great reward! Okay, well not that rich, and the reward may be subjective. But hey; it will be interesting!

In the meantime and just for grins, we've added a Poll that we'll use for Trivia, Riddles, Q&A etc. so visit: Whatta You Know??

Poll of the Month, November

Moving can be stressful and somewhat of a hassle. Voice your opinion on what you feel is the biggest hassle when moving.

The Biggest Hassle When Moving?
Finding Friends To Help
Renting a Truck
Packing Your Belongings
Loading Your Stuff
Hiring a Professional Mover
Poll Maker

Poll of the Month, September

Ever wonder what time a year is th ebest time to move? Well cast your vote today and help determine when exactly it is the best time to move. Of course if you plan on moving, hire the professionals at Men on the Move. They make your move easy and hassle free!
What time a year is the best time to move?

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